Saturday, March 13, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

This blog is going to be different from the rest. Let me wear my heart on my sleeve for just a little while. Very serious and very real.

They say that home is where the heart is, right? I finally know the real meaning of that. Back when I first met my girlfriend that January 7th 2008 she told me she was from some place called the Philippines. I was clueless as to what or where it was. Never remember reading or studying about it in school or even catching something on the news. I wasn't even sure if I ever had heard of this mystery land before. I was curious. That started my reading and research. I read everything from places and holidays to language and climate. The more I read the more this place seemed like home. That was far before my girlfriend and I were ever official.

Let the months pass to October and we're finally dating. I was cramming my brain more on information and the language. I was trying so hard not to be that typical ignorant, asshole, American. The Philippines had an ever stronger grasp on me now. Even before we got together I could see myself there with her. Now we're together? It was no longer a thought, but a longing.

Fast forward more through so much heartache, struggles, and drama. We have now known each other two years. Been dating for one year and four months. It's February 10th 2010 and I am on a plane headed to the Philippines. I had no idea what really was waiting for me on the other side of the world. I've gone through immigrations and am on my way to meet my girlfriend for the first time. The first real time. I'm pulling my luggage behind me and staring intently at the ground before my feet; too nervous to look up. I heard a shout and as a natural reaction my head lifted. "KACE!" She perked up on her feet and waved both arms in the air at me. I guess my nerves really set in there. I managed a smirk, half wave, and a hey. Got my luggage on a cart and as I walked next to her pushing it I felt an arm around me and her weight pulling me down as she stretched taller, cupping her hand to my ear, telling me how I look even better in person. I shook my head and stared more intently at the ground. We got a taxi and went home.

March 1st is upon us now, the day my return ticket was set for. I had told her just days after being here that I couldn't leave her when the day arrived. It was just hours before I had to leave to catch my flight. I had nothing packed and I just clung to her, pouring my heart into her hands. I couldn't leave her, but my visa expired just the next day. Suddenly it was morning and the plane I was supposed to be on had left. By that time it was already over Canada. Neither of us could really believe what we had just done since we didn't know the outcome. I was lucky enough to get my visa extended to April 10th.

Today is now March 14th. It is decided that I will leave right at the end of March despite our plans for me to stay here until June and fly back to the states. Neither of us can manage me staying here until then.

Now I know the true meaning

Home is where the heart is...

My heart belongs to her. She is my home.

I never thought that love was real and if it was; love was never meant for me. I'm very much a believer now. In my life I have never felt so strongly about a person. I have never been more certain of how my life should be. I have never wanted something more badly in my life. I have found my life. I have found where I belong and I can't, no, won't let it go. I am hers before I am anything else in life. I will stand up to any person that tries to get in our way of having a life together. I'll look them right in the eyes and I won't back down. I don't care who it is; if you are standing in my way, I'll make you move.


I am so heartbroken that I have to leave her behind here. Heartbroken that this life I have with her is only temporary and I never know when I will see her again. Not knowing the next time I will wake up happily in the morning next to her or fall asleep with her at night. The life I had before this is like a distant memory to me now. Going back to that is devastating to me. Here I am; my soul and heart and finally whole. I have found where I belong. I have never felt more real, alive, happy, or proud in my life than what I have felt for a month and a half. Life has never made more sense to me. Now I have to have both tore in half and shattered about because I have to leave it behind? I'm sincerely and honestly devastated and heartbroken. I can not live a temporary life. I need my life with her to start now, but I don't know where or how to start it. How can I ever be ok with leaving my life and love behind? Especially without guarantee.

My life is in the arms of my lover. In the eyes of my best friend. It is the only place that feels real or right to me. The only thing in my life that has ever had a path to my future. I am crazy about her. I am deeply and madly in love with her. When I see her I see my life and my future. I can't stress that enough. She is the most amazing person I have ever met and I feel very privileged and proud to call her mine. Nothing in the world can compare to the feeling of what it is to love her and be loved by her. There is nothing in the world you could bribe me with that would ever cause me to leave her. While I love her now, and forever, it is without regret that I do so. I wouldn't trade a second of the past two and a half years for anything.

I won't speak for her feelings on anything; that's hers to do. Those are her private thoughts and emotions.

I know that this is very selfish of me to feel the way I do right now, but being in love is entirely selfish.

Here I am sitting alone in a dark room... devastated, lost, confused, and heartbroken. I know what I have with her is only temporary. I need a permanent solution to fix it all. Permanent in the sense we can both have a home together some place (The US, Philippines, or Canada) without one of us having to leave the other for an unknown amount of time.

Now, let me end this on a very pathetic note. I need help. Where do I start? What can I do to make our lives permanent? I know that money is always a first step, but I honestly have nothing now. I wish that "I know someone who knew someone". Someone that could really help us get a good start together so we don't have to keep splitting ways. Someone that can help her get a job in the US or Canada. Someone that could help me get to stay here in the Philippines. Someone to help out financially. What do I do with the pocket change I have? How can I save? I am already planning to sell off some of my personal things. (If you are interested let me know.)

What can I do? I need advice, help, money (savings), people that can get us going.

Thanks for reading and leaving feedback.

Take care.

~I love you more than I love life. I value you more than I value my own life. Being with you is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and continues to happen to me. Every day that goes by you amaze me more and I fall deeper in love with you. I never expected someone like you would fall into my life and make my life. You are my sanity in this twisted world of madness. You're the anchor that keeps me grounded. The soft reassuring voice in the darkness of my worries and fears. My reason for living and breathing. The reason I see the sun rise and fall every day. The reason I always work to better myself. I feel as if I were created for you and you were made for me. I was made to love you and do whatever is in my power to make sure you get what your heart desires, that you succeed in life, you are happy, and well taken care of. You became the key to opening my heart. All the unpaired puzzle pieces I held locked away were spilled at our feet. I seen yours spill over on top of mine and watched as they meshed together to create a future that belongs to us. It will be bound in our hearts and by two rings lovingly placed on each other's finger. It will be bound by the vows we pass from heart to heart and soul to soul. Forever doesn't begin to describe how much I love you and eternity is not even close to the time I want to spend loving you. It is without regret that I love you. It is without regret that I give my heart and soul to you. It is without regret that I give you my all. It is without taking you for granted. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone and I live my life making sure every day is treated as the last. Making sure every day you feel what you mean to me. Making sure every day I never fail to tell you I love you.

Mahal na mahal kita baby ko.


  1. oh god! the more i read your stuff the more i get so, how do you describe this feeling.. feeling of longing for "home".

    i am barely functional these days. i want to go on a trip, and experience life. ^.^

    -- these things i'm saying probably does not make sense to you. =P

    oh and the following site might be of help:

    maybe she can even consider applying for immigrant status (its easier since she's only applying by her herself).

  2. Hey don't be too devastated and cheer up a lil yeah? I'm sure she doesn't want to see you like this.

    Anyway a good solution would be for you to master your tagalog, and then you can apply to stay there forever, and a good job would be a tagalog-english translator. Translator earns good money~

    Hope it offered you some thought or some light in your pitch darkness.

  3. Anonymous. I still feel like I am longing for home myself... actually, more of like trying to hold onto it so it doesn't slip away. Hope you can get that vacation soon.

    Thanks for the website. I'll be sure to show it to her when she is home later. I think immigrant status will come later, after she can find a job there.

  4. Ace. I'm really trying to keep my head up, but it's really hard for me.

    My Tagalog is pretty bad. Haha. I understand things, but can't speak them. Most Filipinos speak English and Tagalog... and their English is pretty good. So, I don't really know about that.

    Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.