Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day Of Shopping Madness

For the record; I really dislike shopping. I have never shopped this late for Christmas and I realized how much more I dislike shopping at this time. The crowds and lines are crazy. Not to mention the selection of things.

So, I slept about three hours last night and got up at eight to shop. Didn't get home here until about 8. It's currently about 5am. So, yay for lack of sleep, right? Went into our little town to do bank and grocery stuff before I headed out with my grandparents for a full day of shopping.

First up we stopped in at the dollar store to pick up a few things. I managed to get something there for my father and his wife. As my grandma was looking at some things Hot by the Wonder Girls came on my ipod (Thanks Pam.) and there is a part of the song in the dance where they do, what I call, the 'butt wag'. I backed up to my grandma and started doing the dance. She started to tell me to stop coz people were watching. (Like I care?) It embarrassed her, but she laughed. I always do this stuff. She got used to it.

Also, Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-ara came on my ipod and the first time I heard it... instead of hearing 'Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep' I heard 'Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me.' It came on my ipod while at the store and I had my grandma listen to it. Her jaw hit the floor and I cracked up telling her 'They are saying Bo Peep!'.

Hit up the mall after that. I went in while my grandparents went and did their thing. Fought my way into Hot Topic to look for some things. I spent a while in there browsing over the shirts. Apparently it was buy one novelty T and get one half off. Guess who got a Christmas prezzy? Haha. I never get anything new, so I am pretty excited to have a new JTHM shirt. Picked up something for my bro there too. I swear it took me forever to get something for her. Got in a long line and paid.

Bounced out of Hot Topic and headed to Borders.I never realized I could spend so damn much time in that store. I started out looking for a DVD for my girl. Which, they didn't have and also costs $23 to friggen order. Then somehow I went to look for the Gay/Lesbian section and they moved it on me. So, I had to go ask this guy and he was like 'Games? Those are over--' 'No, gay and lesbian literature.' Then there was a bit of an awkward moment and he pointed it out. I was very, very disappointed in Borders. Their Gay/Lesbian literature section is bare. It used to take up two full book shelfs. Now it just takes one and the bottom three are just with the cover facing out and spaced a few inches apart. While I was browsing over what little they had this group of boys went back and loudly stated 'Ew, gay and lesbian!' and ran away giggling. I just rolled my eyes at them and went back to my business. I was very happy to see the Gay and Lesbian magazines in the store. They had The Advocate, Curve, and LOTL. I browsed the pages on those before wandering elsewhere. Then I wandered to the travel section and look at the Asian travel books. Somehow ended up in the foreign language section and in line with a Tagalog book. I was shocked to see it was there. They never have anything Philippines related. I acted like someone else was gonna take that book (there was only one). Which was kinda dumb coz I know that wasn't gonna happen.

As I was on my way to the restroom in Borders I seen these two ladies sitting at a table taking money for a kitty shelter. I dug all the change out of my pocket and dumped it into their little bowl. The one lady's face lit up and she exclaimed, " That's so nice of you! Thank you, sir!" I just grinned and told her she was welcome. Before I left the bathroom I dug a dollar out of my wallet and gave that to them when I walked back by. The lady's face lit up again and she started graciously thanking me. I wonder if she was making up for the gender confusion?

Went across the street from the mall and into Barnes and Nobels yet again looking for the movie for my girl. Which, it cost a whole $25. Darn foreign movies being so expensive. I ended up flipping through the CDs to see if maybe I could find something. I did, but wasn't sure. I ended up passing that up. Browsed over the manga section seeing if anything interested me and then walked to the other side of the store to the Gay/Lesbian literature. Barnes and Nobels owns Borders when it comes to that. They had a really good selection of Fiction and Non Fiction books. I seen one that really got my attention and I flipped through. It was called HerScopes: A Guide To Astrology for Lesbians by Charline Lichtenstein. (I love astrology, fyi.)It was a bit freaky how true what it said about my relationship pairing was. It said that my sign is the worrier, the one that works at home while the partner works at the office, affectionate to the partner. Then when I read the reverse it said my girl's sign to mine. It said shed tend to be in the office with my sign at home and also said she'd go out for a night without ever bothering to contact her partner and let her know.. leaving her partner up all night worrying. I got a few weird looks for being in that section but at least no one said anything. I should of checked their magazines too. I forgot.

Somehow I ended up in the craft store with my grandma coz she was looking for a small Santa hat for a doll I fondly call - 'The Bride of Chucky'. As we walked past one isle I stopped coz I seen a kid walk by that I knew and I thought 'Tony?' out loud trying to remember his name. Well, my grandma decided to -yell- 'TONY!' He turned around and I wanted to smack her. I barely ever talked to this kid when I was in school. He was like three grades ahead of me. I told him we had math class and sat next to each other. He asked my name and I told him and he went 'Yeah, I remember you. You got a totally different style now!' And just sorta started talking about how he likes how I dress. I think he was hitting on me. Ayy... We talked for a few before saying bye.

As my grandma and I rounded the back of the store I seen a friend of mine (Ok, my ex's brother's wife, but those are just mere technicalities). I went up and hugged her and we got to talk a bit about how things are going. She remembers me by the damn good fudge I made them for Christmas a couple years ago. It was one of the first things she said to me. I hope thats a good thing. Haha. She said she reads my blog updates to hey, shout out to Jaimi!

I also started doing the 'Hot' butt wag in the store and my grandma kept telling me people were watching me. I did it to her one time and it scared her and she yelled. Some guy turned around and sorta started laughing.

Ended up at Best Buy and bought my girl something that I now have to return after waiting forever in line to pay for it. Haha. Turns out it isn't what she was so interested in. I'll just get my money back and go invest in something else. She is the most impossible woman to shop for, I swear. She never talks about things she wants, likes, or even hints. When I try to ask her she refuses to give me any ideas. I thought up an idea and talked it over with Pammyboo a bit. Seems like it's an ok idea, right? I hope... Haha.

In the next couple days I gotta get back to the mall, Best Buy, and a couple other of our stores to dig up something for my girl. S I hope the store has everything I have in mind for her. I might be forced to re-replan if not. Shopping for her could be the possible death of me. I wrote quite a bit, dang.

Something I recorded for my girl a few days ago.

1234... I love you

Now that Christmas Eve and Christmas are so near; what are your final plans on how you'll spend it? Did you get all your shopping done early or are you last minute shopping? What's on your wish list?

Oh, hai thar, sir!




Friday, December 4, 2009

DuAce Thanksmas

Thanksgiving has been over for a while now and I've had a few people ask for me to write about how that went. It wasn't very eventful so I have been putting off writing until I had something else to say.

The night before Thanksgiving I was in the kitchen with my grandma making all the sweets. She had already cooked a cherry cheesecake pie and a pumpkin pie before I got started. I ended up making brownies and lemon bars. I had started the topping mix for the lemon bars when my grandma realized my grandfather hadn't gone to the store like he said. So, that left me with a mix I had to stir for about a little over an hour. I was very thankful when he came home and I could finish that and the pumpkin pie. It was interesting trying to cram everything into the refrigerator after. Thanksgiving day I got up, ate, and then took a nap on the couch while my cat laid on top of me. Woke up and watched television with my grandparents. They are totally obsessed with that show 'Ghost Whisperer'. I've watched it a few with them and it is sorta interesting. Anyone else watch?

Now we got this next holiday that is coming up that goes by the name of Christmas. Honestly, I am not looking forward to it. I think back to how things were the year before at this time, all the promises made, and all the things that were supposed to happen that never did; it kills my Christmas spirit. There was only one thing I wanted last year and it is the same thing I want this year. I know you very likely aren't reading this, but that doesn't change a thing. I have my grandma and my father trying to get me to tell them some things I want for Christmas. They can't seem to accept the fact that there isn't anything I want. I keep being pressured to tell them something. So, as I write this I am currently blasting Kpop and head desking over something to tell them. I really never have looked forward to Christmas in years and years. More so any more since I have to go to my father's house. Which, is really the only time of the year I ever do go there. I'd be happy if I never had to see that place again.

Wow, that is a bit gloomy for this blog, eh?

I got some Christmas shopping I have to do yet. Have about maybe six people to buy for this year and no money to do it on. Cheers for being broke, right? Haha. I need to round up ideas from these people too.

The last few nights have been pretty cool. Generally I don't ever talk or participate in the Skype conferences. My bro and I got started one night and now it seems like we are the life of Skype days. Haha. DuAce bromance has been working it. (That feels really awkward to write.) We might have a Facebook debut for everyone that is interested. Just started on things last night and it is pretty plain so far. We are sorta looking for someone who would want to be amazingly awesome and draw D and myself and someone to do up a little logo for us. So, if anyone out there is reading and good with the drawing and paintshop skills, leave me a comment. DuAce will love you much.

To close this one out I am looking for someone to draw/photoshop a logo for DuAce


How are you going to be spending your Christmas? What do you wish for?

Take care everyone.