Friday, December 4, 2009

DuAce Thanksmas

Thanksgiving has been over for a while now and I've had a few people ask for me to write about how that went. It wasn't very eventful so I have been putting off writing until I had something else to say.

The night before Thanksgiving I was in the kitchen with my grandma making all the sweets. She had already cooked a cherry cheesecake pie and a pumpkin pie before I got started. I ended up making brownies and lemon bars. I had started the topping mix for the lemon bars when my grandma realized my grandfather hadn't gone to the store like he said. So, that left me with a mix I had to stir for about a little over an hour. I was very thankful when he came home and I could finish that and the pumpkin pie. It was interesting trying to cram everything into the refrigerator after. Thanksgiving day I got up, ate, and then took a nap on the couch while my cat laid on top of me. Woke up and watched television with my grandparents. They are totally obsessed with that show 'Ghost Whisperer'. I've watched it a few with them and it is sorta interesting. Anyone else watch?

Now we got this next holiday that is coming up that goes by the name of Christmas. Honestly, I am not looking forward to it. I think back to how things were the year before at this time, all the promises made, and all the things that were supposed to happen that never did; it kills my Christmas spirit. There was only one thing I wanted last year and it is the same thing I want this year. I know you very likely aren't reading this, but that doesn't change a thing. I have my grandma and my father trying to get me to tell them some things I want for Christmas. They can't seem to accept the fact that there isn't anything I want. I keep being pressured to tell them something. So, as I write this I am currently blasting Kpop and head desking over something to tell them. I really never have looked forward to Christmas in years and years. More so any more since I have to go to my father's house. Which, is really the only time of the year I ever do go there. I'd be happy if I never had to see that place again.

Wow, that is a bit gloomy for this blog, eh?

I got some Christmas shopping I have to do yet. Have about maybe six people to buy for this year and no money to do it on. Cheers for being broke, right? Haha. I need to round up ideas from these people too.

The last few nights have been pretty cool. Generally I don't ever talk or participate in the Skype conferences. My bro and I got started one night and now it seems like we are the life of Skype days. Haha. DuAce bromance has been working it. (That feels really awkward to write.) We might have a Facebook debut for everyone that is interested. Just started on things last night and it is pretty plain so far. We are sorta looking for someone who would want to be amazingly awesome and draw D and myself and someone to do up a little logo for us. So, if anyone out there is reading and good with the drawing and paintshop skills, leave me a comment. DuAce will love you much.

To close this one out I am looking for someone to draw/photoshop a logo for DuAce


How are you going to be spending your Christmas? What do you wish for?

Take care everyone.


  1. Ah, Kace...that thing you wanted for Christmas, I'm sure I know what you're talking about :/ It can still happen so, thumbs up lol I still want some of them brownies!

  2. "There was only one thing I wanted last year and it is the same thing I want this year"
    u really want dat THING so badly? sad u havn't got it til now dude. hopefully u'l get it ds xmas.;ghost whisperer starred by jen love hewitt>she's sexy and pretty i like her.
    u can make brownies?cool.
    DUACE wats dat? sorry dont knw bout it.
    there will be a good person who'll help u both with the drawing thingy but i cant help u with that.
    xmas?dont have plans for now. being with the ones i love is enough.
    my wish>wish i cud touch people's live ds xmas, havent done it ever.

  3. yo kace!
    i don't really know what to say..haha
    i'm enjoy reading your blog..but i can't do the feedback! it's hard to give a comment..huhh..but i'm trying..
    btw ghost whisperer? i think i heard that before..i forgot..haha
    about christmas..ahh,,same with you..
    i'm not looking forward to it..
    it's always the same every year..
    and i don't know what i want, i'm looking for or whatever my wish..
    it just nothing special.. :(
    btw what's DuAce?
    you want DuAce logo? what for?
    maybe i can ask my friend to make one..hehe

  4. Hey there Mister Ying. :] Yeah, I know it can still happen one way or another but it is just rough watching the days pass without it happening. And the brownies have disappeared! I'll have to make more for you.

  5. Anon. Yeah, it is something I want pretty badly. I can only hope that this Christmas or this New Years things will start changing so I can get it. Thanks.

    Jen Hewitt, yup that is her. Pretty interesting show to watch sometimes.

    Haha. Yeah, I guess I can sorta make brownies. It isn't that hard. :]

    DuAce is a combination of my bro, Dubs, and myself's name. Dubs + Kace = DuAce. If you are from AFX I'm sure you know who D is. Thanks for the wishes though. Still sorta looking for someone.

    I'm sure you have touched someone's life, but you just don't know it yet.

  6. Tsurii. Hey there. Thanks for reading my blog and trying to leave a comment. It's always nice to know people do read.

    If you haven't watched the show you should check it out. It's pretty interesting.

    I hope you can have a good Christmas and get whatever it is you do want. :]

    DuAce is Dubs + Kace. Haha. We are a bromance and an entertainment couple. So, we were thinking about getting someone to maybe do a drawing of the two of us and incorporate that into a logo for a page. ;]

  7. Kace. You're welcome..

    oh! Dubs? haha,,,so you two couple now? wahaha..
    nice,,i wanna tease
    btw about the drawing, you want like cartoon? or? i'll ask my friend,,but i don't promise can make for you ok?

  8. DuAce Bromance totally rocked skype lol, you guys rocked it from the first night and since then its like a drugggggggg, and super addicting. DuAce forever!!!!!!!!

    As for the drawing, sorry no talent at all on that stuff, i can only draw stick people and even those are butt ugly. I just started learning photoshop so im a newbie on that too =P.


  9. d for dubs.. a girl or a boy? ...sorry
    i think i can ask my friend to do it, but m not so sure,i'l try.
    make some brownies for me,u make me hungry dude.
    so hows bromance work? u will hav a DUACE forum?
    "Im sure you have touched someone's life, but you just don't know it yet" > thanks for saying that, hopefully i did.
    yo! advance merry xmas

  10. Tsurii. No, no... D and I aren't a couple. We are just a bromance.

    Yeah, a drawing of D and myself sorta Anime/Manga style. I think that'd be cool. Thanks for asking your friend. Really appreciate it. :]

  11. Kira. I love DuAce very much so too. We haven't really been talking much on skype lately though. Conflicting schedules and stuff I guess. I just haven't really been able to due to some things going on.

    Oh, oh... draw stick DuAce! I want to see that. I expect it!

  12. Anon. D is a girl and we're a bromance. Thanks for asking your friend about it. Appreciate it a bunch. :]

    Haha. Sorry I made you hungry with the brownies. I'd try to email you or snail mail you some, but I don't think that would work to well.

    And DuAce will have a FB fan page. We need the logo type thing first before we open it. ;]

    You're welcome too. I mean it.

    Happy advanced Christmas to you too.

  13. FB.well, maybe i will open an account there to follow DUACE. im curious.mmm
    snail mail huh.nice try,kace. thanks!
    hope u got ur xmas wish this year.

  14. it's seem like nice thanksgiving you had hyungnim lol..and i want to eat you pie hehehe..can you send its to me?
    and for christmas i don't have nothing to say, but i think hyung will to have a gift (example DuAce logo), you can get it many people can help you make it..

    DuAce epic is never ending...hwaiting !!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year hyung..

  15. Anon. You don't have a FB account? I figured you would. Yeah, still need to get things set for the DuAce fanpage. Still need the drawing and logo. ;]

    Thanks. I'm hoping it can come true.

  16. Yuchan. Yeah, my Thanksgiving was small, nice, quiet. I think it went good. I'd sent the pie but it's been devoured by my grandparents. Haha. If I sent it it'd be all moldy when it got there! We don't want that.

    Aw, that would be nice if someone did that. I'd be surprised and thankful. :]

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.