Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pink Bear Rant

It has been a while since I posted anything on here. I haven't really had much to say or write about.

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This next piece is an unedited rant I posted some place previously and thought I'd get it out and share here.

Rant Of The Day: Got talking to my grandma about being gay. According to her 'It is just a feeling and you don't know until you are sexually with someone'

I am completely blown away by her saying that. It is beyond me how sex equates love or more-so sex over rides feelings. And that you can only base how you feel about someone if you have been sexually active with them. So sex voids or confirms true feelings according to her. I wonder if I told her I like this boy named John Doe... if she would say 'Well, wait a minute. You can't know for sure what you feel is really right unless you have sex with him.' I think not. It bothers me how gay = sex. If you are gay sex must be brought into the situation. When sex has nothing to do with real feelings and nothing to do with love. Sex should not confirm love, but sex should be a product of love. Love should not be a result of sex. Sex should be a result of love. Actually, if it is a result of love then it should be classified as making love above be labeled as sex.

Her statement also would void out people who take a chastity vow, vow of abstinence, or simply want to wait until marriage. By that rule you are marrying out of unstable/unknowing feelings because you have not been sexually active with said person. So, when the wedding night comes and the couple eventually does have sex. Uh-oh... what happens when because of sex they find out they don't care about each other? Wasted money, divorce, wasted wedding, wasted years, et cetera. That would mean those people should get married just for the sex in order to see if they really love each other? That when two people have mutual feelings that they should immediately jump into bed and have sex to confirm feelings? Ay, her statement is just completely absurd to me.

I did much more ranting after that, but it was conversation between myself and others. I'd post it, but I don't want to drag anyone else into this.

Take care everyone.


  1. Hmmm your grandma has some pretty interesting views..... still think she's cool, compare to my boring and old style grandma's. we wouldn't even be speaking about any topic related haha

  2. wow, that comment was harsh oppa... *yes I'm heeeeeere!!! been so busy lately and not feeling so good* I completely understand your point, sex shound be a product of love, you should never have sex with someone so that person will love you, then she/he won't love you, but your body... and what does that have to do with being gay? wth? so you're not gay until you sleep with a girl? if I ever saw my relationship heading that way I'll very painfully cut it, because it was the personality and the sould and mind of that person you fell in love with AND that applies for both straight and gay people, so if you're straight then you can love without sex but if you're gay you can't? I'm very sorry to say this but your grandma hurt my feelings u.u it's like those comments people used to say about me when I am just guilty of loving deeply a girl, people need to get it, there is no difference between us and straight people...

  3. 'Sex should not confirm love, but sex should be a product of love. '


  4. Kira. Yeah, she does have very strange views on that. Sadly, she is very wrong with them. It is sad to me that so many people think like that. She is an all around cool person. You got that right.

  5. Tsukita. I have been wondering where you were. Hope you are feeling better now and I'm sorry I have missed you online the last few times.

    Thank you for agreeing with what I said. I am not really hurt or offended by what she said. More shocked then anything. I never imagined she would use that type of logic. Relationships shouldn't be build around lust, no. I wouldn't want a relationship that was. You are right by that. You fell in love for their heart and mind, not their body. I am sorry that what she said hurt you. You must remember that she is several generations ago and things were much different then.

  6. Anonymous. Thank you for the nice comment and agreeing with me. I would like to know who you are though since you didn't bother to leave a name. :]

  7. your entry were deep and logical.
    i like reading it, and the comments caught me too,
    the comments of H4CH >> i was struck by it, she's right too..i'd experience it. though it hurts but i hav to accept it, even f no one understand or no one would try to understand me,

    that proves you are one of the sensible blogger

    doesn't matter for now, really ..
    call me anonymous

  8. Anon. I am sorry that this reply has taken me a while to get back to. Thank you very much for what you have to say. I appreciate it. Don't try to be so negative about things. I have experienced it by a lot of people, but I don't let it ever get to me. I am sure there is someone that understands and someone that is willing to try.

    Thank you again for that. I hope maybe I can find you out soon. :] Take care.

  9. ok. im facin' a lot these days.
    i hope THIS will end. im dead tired to people
    who tries to let me down. i hope so kace.
    take care too.

  10. I hope whatever it is you have going on for you gets better. Most everything does in time. :] I'll see you around. Take care.

  11. i hope so too,kace :)