Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Treats

Firstly, I want to tell everyone to have a great Halloween. If you have got some plans or a costume you want to share drop it in my comments. I'm interested to read how everyone has decided to spend it. I still have no Halloween plans as of yet.

There is nothing I had in mind for this blog. I can't say anything interesting enough has been going on with me. I have been cleaning for the past two days and nights. Rounding up some things I want to sell off and some things I hate to see go, but I need the money. While cleaning I remembered how some were interested in seeing more photos. I thought I would make this more of a photo entry and show off a bit of my dorky side.





My candle and incense station.


I'm sure you all know who Buddha is.


N64, PC, Gamecube, Xbox, PS2, Wii, Gameboy, DS, Gameboy Advanced games. Not all of my video games are there. I have SNES, NES, and Sega games boxed up in my closet.


My old collection of Nintendo Power magazines and a few strategy guides which are always interesting to read.


First shelf has my HD converter box, a switch box, and my DVD player. Second is my xbox, a couple games, and memory cards. Third on the left is a PS2, a PS2, a wii, and a gamecube. Right xbox 360, and an SNES. Between them are a DS, Gameboy Advanced SP, Two Gameboy Colors, and a Gameboy Pocket.


A mixed stack of DVDs and video games.


My collection of Anime action figures. Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Digimon, and a Clive Barker limited edition figure that I am thinking of putting for sale.


More Pokemon and Digimon with Snake and some Gundam. Theres a couple Lord Of The Ring goblets in the corner. (Note: Don't pay attention to the bong. I don't smoke and I don't condone it.)

So, I hope you all enjoy the random bit I decided to show you. I have to say I posted this mainly for Tsukita who wanted me to post these pictures and to my bro, D, since we are both awesome dorks.

I am also still looking for those interested in a Lockerz invite. I really need people who want to join up. I appreciate it very much from those of you who already have.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think. Take care everyone. I'll see you around.

Kon <3 Pon


  1. thanks for putting these up oppa!! *o* I loved everything! except the Dragon Ball stuff -.- you have so many games *drools* and the Kenshin poster... love ♥ *steals Pikachu plushie while oppa is not looking* so... OMG a caution band!!! *o* didn't realize until now XD Snake *¬* *looks around.... steals snake* XDDDD jk oppa, I really liked this post!!! ^^ more pics! kekekeke

  2. Wow! That's pretty interesting collection you have there Kace. Happy the way...

  3. haha hey hyung!!! if you don't want those toys anymore, i'll gladly take it off your hands! hahaha ^^;; OMGOSH! i see the original super nintendo!!! haha doode that is sickkk! yes we are awesome dorks hyung! ^^v so i found my cape today hyung! haha it looks sick, along w/my wolverine and iron man tshirts. yaaa i went crazy today. lol i just wanted to buy everything related to super heroes. haha but yes hyung we should be having our own little video gaming party right now. ^^ happy halloween hyung!
    love ya! take care! :D

  4. hi gorgeous!!!
    about the 2nd pic > u draw this??... i love samurai X..ehhehe he's cute..
    and the scented candles..i love buying it .. cause it relaxes me after office works ,,
    are you budhist??u collect buddha's ..ehehehe
    mm just asking... ahhaha
    i hope this time comment will be added....

    and i love age..
    ohhh the texas massacre too..the SAW!!! ...was soooo scary...heheh
    but i love it...phil movies cant do bad...they wer not as good as american movies..hmmmm i hope someday filipinos can do just like that or better than that movie/s .eehehe
    in my dreams..?? ehhehe
    ahhh!! SON GUKO....!!! I LOVE DRAGONBALL...
    we had a halloween party last thursday and i didnt took a photo even 1 for me ..cause m surely look bad!! ehhehe but my group did ..u wont recognize ..ehehhehe...

    til next comment...
    bye gorgeous!! hope u will have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  5. Tsukita dear. Thanks for stopping by. You're very welcome. I'm glad you like the pictures I put up. I didn't figure you would like DBZ. It isn't girly enough for you. Haha. Those aren't all of my video games. I got more boxed up. ;] Haha. You're trying to steal all my goodies!

  6. Ana. Thank you very much. I hope your Halloween was good. Btw, if you have any of your products you want me to pass on and promote here be sure to let me know. I'm always more then happy to help out.

  7. Bro! I knew you'd like this entry. Us bros have the dork thing in common. Haha. If I ever am in the need to be getting rid of my action figure collection I'll go to you first. I also have Star wars, Batman, Spiderman, Legos, Ninja Turtles, et cetera. Haha. Yup, original SNES. Come on over and lets play. I got a lot of games for it, bro. You have to show me your awesome shirts that you got. Then I am going to steal them from you. Deal? If you ever find any super awesome Spiderman shirt you better put it aside for me. I want it! Hope you had a good Halloween. I love you too, bro.

  8. Mona. No, I didn't draw any of those. I bought those at a store around here. I like candles and incense. I have grew up using them. I always seem to have someone buy me a candle at Christmas. Actually, my past birthday my aunt bought me a mango scented candle. I'm saving that one to burn. Buddhist? No, not really. Those scary movies I bought for my gf coz she hates horror movies. Phil movies are going to be different because of culture and tradition. Things like that always affect the outcomes of movies. DBZ is a good anime. It's a favorite of mine. Hope you had a good Halloween and enjoyed your party.

  9. hey unpa~
    thx for updating this blog much..haha
    i've to say your collections really jjang!
    oh man,,that video games,, and toys..T.T
    i want that,,hha,,
    btw you got my msn message?
    i have something to tell you..about my dream and your poet,,haha..not really important,,but i've to tell y'..eke~
    see y on f(x)...

  10. Hey Tsuri. I finally got to your comment. :] You'll have to remind me what jjang is though. I always seem to forget that word, sorry. Haha. I'd share my collection with you if I could. I didn't get your MSN message. I'm sorry. You could always send me a PM on Facebook. I'll reply there too. :] Let me know about your dream. See you around. Take care.

  11. hey kace..
    haha..'jjang' is korean word means best!:D
    thx kace,,i knew it,,you're so kind~ ekeke~
    oh yeah,,facebook..ok,,next time i'll PM you on fb,,
    oh yeah! about my dream,,
    let see,,i tell you on your 411 or facebook?
    choose one..ekekek~

  12. Hey. Thanks, I knew it meant something like that, but I just couldn't remember exactly what. :] Kind? Thank you. You can tell me at my 411 if you want... or facebook if you want. I don't mind. :] Take care.