Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anime Webcams

Yesterday turned out to be oddly eventful. I was talking with my friend Siopao and somehow we got off in a talk about some Anime. She rattled off a couple and I checked the first one out. I think I was about four minutes in and I was dieing of bordem. It was practically a very slowed down version of another anime I watched due to being bored. So, I switched to another she suggested. I, again, was restless with bordem. She urged me on to stick through it for a while because there was plenty of 'wtf' and 'lulz'. Sure enough there was a definite 'wtf' moment and I'm only on episode 6 or something. I didn't think an anime could really do a 180 like that one did. (Aside from FLCL coz that entire thing is just a WTF.)

As it got to be afternoon... Well, not my afternoon, but the one I live by. Anyways, as it got to be afternoon I was in for a very pleasant surprise. I was in the middle of a conversation talking with my gf when I heard her IM window make a noise and she buzzed me. I opened and it was an invite to her cam. (Get your mind out of the gutters, now.)So, I early accepted then started kicking AIM in the ass to open so we could talk there. I don't remember the last time we got to talk like that. The entire hour we had together like that felt amazing. Brought back a lot of good old memories. Things I miss a lot. Had to of been months, but her doing that has me spoiled. Now I am going to want that nearly every day. She better be ready to be harassed over it (and several other things). She has a job interview later today at 4. I'm excited for her. I know she will do good coz she is awesome at what she does. She is my amAZN. Good luck though, baby girl. I know you'll be great.

Halloween is coming real soon and I have no plans. Thats pretty typical though. What do any of you have planned? Leave a comment in this blog and let me know. I'm interested to see.

In other news I decided to add a shout box at the bottom of my blog. If it stays lifeless for the next, oh, couple weeks then I will take it down. It's just a test run.

LOCKERZ I recently made an account on the site and am looking for people who are interested in joining. It is a site where you earn points by answers questions and inviting more people to the site. They give away really awesome prizes too. If you are interested in joining leave me an email at and I will send you an invite. I would greatly appreciate anyone who helps me out. It would mean a lot to me since the prize I am going after takes a rather large amount of points and I am not trying to get it for myself.

See you all around. Take care everyone.

Kon <3 Pon.


  1. HYUNGGG!!! hahaha omgosh. sounds like you and noona had fun. *wink wink* i'm jk jk. ^^;; sounds like that's what me and pam does cuz i wanna webcam w/her all the time. haha aww noona has spoiled you. how cuuuteee! ^^ but yes...i have no plans for halloween either hyung. it's ok! we can spend it together!!! there was this party...but i'm not much of a party person so no thanks. hahaha it's ok hyung...we can spend halloween messing around in the sbox! hahaha ^^ take cares hyung! love you! ^^;;

  2. Whoa, bro. What did I say about keeping the mind away from the gutter? Haha. We did have fun though. I enjoyed it so much. Thats cute about you and Pam. My gf and I used to webcam every day and night- literally. That stopped months ago, so you can imagine how happy I was last night. Aaayyy... Yeah, she does spoil my a bit. :"> Trying to make me shy? Awesome. I'm down for spending Halloween with you. I'm not really a party person either, but I have a feeling I'll probably get invited to at least one. Or to my dad's house. Whatever though. We're gonna have a good Halloween. Love you too bro. Take care.

  3. Pfft. My mind wasn't in the gutter...ok maybe for one second only! Aha. I also have nothing planned for miss the days of trick-or-treating lol

  4. Mister Ying, hello. I will give you a pass since you just had it in the gutter for a second. You are a guy after all. Haha.

    You can still go out Trick-or-treating! Just throw on a mask over your face and grab a pillowcase. It's free candy, man!

  5. at our halloween party..
    i dressed up like SADAKU...
    u knew her>??
    from THE RING (asian horror movie)
    the girl whose wearing a long white dress and crawls
    .thats what i did...i tried to scare my officemates..whhahahaahha

  6. Mona. Yes, I do know who she is. I have seen the American version of The Ring 1 and 2. (I own the first one) Haven't got to see the Asian version yet.

  7. hi gorgeous!!! well, its still nice...

    tonight i wont be able to sleep well..i hav cramps ...menstrual cramps ..
    geee i hate these...